Who We Are

I-Pollinate is a community science research initiative operated through the University of Illinois. Through the power of hundreds of community members across the state, we seek answers to important questions about pollinators and their precipitous decline. Join I-Pollinate and contribute to science from your own backyard. Together with University of Illinois researchers, your observations can make a difference for pollinators. Read below to learn more about current I-Pollinate research

How do I become an I-Pollinate Community Scientist? 

To become and I-Pollinate Community Scientist, you’ll need to take a look at our current research to decide which, or how many, research projects you’d like to contribute observations to. To contribute to our primary research questions, you’ll need to plant a small ornamental garden with some commonly available annual plants. If you don’t have access to gardening space – that’s okay too. We also operate BeeSpotter, which only requires the camera on your phone!

On average, participants spend about 1.5 hours per month between June and September making observations and submitting data about pollinators, but you can contribute to I-Pollinate research as much or as little as you’d like.

Once you have decided which project you’d like to contribute to, you’ll take a short training course on how to identify pollinators. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll register your garden and you can start making observations!